Anger Management Counselling for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence and Exclusion Criteria


If you want to learn more about anger management counselling for perpetrators of domestic violence, please follow this link to another sister website where I wrote an article on the subject in August 2023. This piece is a continuation of that one, but it will focus on who this anger management course for domestic violence perpetrators is not appropriate for. 

Substance Misuse Users

Substance abuse refers to addictive activities that exceed the recommended daily and weekly use, and this behaviour is frequent and consistent, displaying a pattern of dependency. During the initial call, your drug and alcohol consumption will be assessed, and if you reveal that you do indeed fall into the category of substance abuse, you will be asked to address this issue first before enrolling in the anger management counselling for perpetrators of domestic violence. This is because, in order to acquire insight into your problems, you must be alert, focused, and not under the effect of substances. 

Anger Management Problems Aggressive towards Therapists and Unwilling to Change

People who are unwilling to change have an inability to accept responsibility for the acts of domestic violence. Instead of focusing on their progress and increasing their awareness, they spend the most of the sessions condemning the other person. Old habits die hard, but if you consistently demonstrate anger management issues throughout the course, you will be told that you are not ready and will require additional sessions. If you reject, this will be included in your report, and recommendations for additional sessions will be made. Clients who refuse to observe the conditions of business, are abusive towards the therapist, and demonstrate a lack of willingness to change will be informed that this service is not fit for them, and the service will be discontinued.

Clients with Paranoid Personality Disorder

It is fairly common for therapists to work with clients who have personality disorders. I immediately discovered that I was unable to work with four individuals who had a paranoid personality disorder during my career. Despite my previous experience as a psychiatric nurse and psychologist at a psychiatric hospital, clients with paranoid personality disorder are best treated by psychiatrists and will most likely require medication. Clients with paranoid personality disorder are thus ineligible for this therapy, and if this becomes apparent, the clients will be informed that this anger management counselling for perpetrators of domestic violence is not for them.

Clients with Psychosis

Serious mental health problems, such as psychosis, which includes various kinds of schizophrenia, can cause altered perception as well as hallucinations or voices. As previously said, this course requires concentration, thus this anger management counselling sessions for perpetrators of domestic violence would not be appropriate for clients suffering from major mental health conditions such as psychosis. 


If you believe you do not satisfy any of the above exclusion requirements and would like to book for anger management counselling for perpetrators of domestic violence, please contact the therapist, Leona Sears, directly at 07505124933. All sessions are given in the convenience of your own home via video-calls.