It is the start of the new year and you are aware that you should be feeling fresh and looking forward to what 2019 will bring for you and instead concealing your anger management issues, you greet your friend for your first 2019 coffee with ‘I chatted to this woman and she blocked me c..t!’

Stomach Bulging and Bloating and Women are C…s!

anger management for men and women

You have been recognising that you have started feeling fed up with your life and this feeling is not going anywhere. You are becoming uncomfortably aware that you no longer enjoy events and activities that used to drive you. You are unable to enjoy your life wherever you go, whomever you turn to, let it be your parents on a recent Christmas visit who called you abnormal because you are in the middle of your life and unmarried and which leaves you powerless and questioning your worth and sanity, feeling further confused and doubting yourself. You feel also fed up of looking at your empty plenty of fish inbox and discouraged to initiate further conversations with women, whom you laugh at and call as ‘c…s!’, and this gradually leaves you with a growing built up of anger management issues. You try to take a deep breath, repress this angry energy but it does not seem to be going anywhere. You can feel it. Instead you feel constantly negative, stressed, not exactly enjoying your life and not knowing why and seeing your stomach bulging and bloating. Your friends are unavailable to talk to and carried away with their settled and married lives, far detached from your supposedly enviable bachelor life and unable to vent to anyone you push the negativity further down and as we all go deeper into the winter and it feels overwhelming.

How to grow into Middle-Aged Miserable Old Bag with Incontinent Anger Issues

anger management for chronic and acute issues that make you feel unhappy

All those negative feelings combined, leave you with a growing and exploding like feeling of powerlessness, helplessness and hatred towards life and you have become acutely aware that you have had enough of life but don’t know what to do next. More precisely, you have had enough of what seems to be your life-long struggle and resentment of unsuccessful relationships and trying to succeed in love. You have tried all the methods of dating and dating all nationalities, you even lowered your standards and went from one end of the continuum to the other desperate but unable to find your way out of this mental torture you are going through and you seem to face further casualty. Things are not exactly looking up when you happily bump into a female friend on the tube and she pulls you by your beard and tells you: ‘you look exactly like a goat!’ It seems that wherever you go, you feel punched in the face and all the chronic lack of success leaves you feeling angry and with anger management issues so profound by now that your resentment and hatred is leaking. You are struggling to contain it and finding yourself being anger incontinent. In fact, for all you care by now, someone might as well write across your forehead: ‘Middle-aged miserable old bag!’ for you became one with your anger  and you laugh and try to shrug it off but it still does not feel good.

You Can Get Support, Consider Booking Anger Management Sessions to Decompress, Vent and Explore Causes of Your Unhappiness So You can Try to Fix It

anger management venting at and with the therapist and acquisition of techniques and solutions

Your recent Christmas trip and spending some time with your narrow-minded insensitive and insulting parents was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You now progressed to feeling like a pressure cooker about to explode, leaking negativity everywhere you go. You cannot hide it anymore and you are noticing that you are even starting to drive away the people that you chose to be your family, your friends and this is when it hits your hard. You have nowhere to go and now one to turn to and the dead end feeling isn’t going anywhere and you wonder: ‘Am I done, is this it?’. Yes, this catastrophic thinking of considering ending your life is one way of dealing with your concealed anger management issues and unhappiness. You can also try to consider acknowledge that yes you are a middle-aged man that reached the dead end of his life but instead of killing yourself you can try to vent and decompress this negative energy at your anger management therapist who will use a combination of basic counselling skills, CBT skills and expert knowledge on anger management to support you in reaching your desired goals. The benefit of decompressing to your therapist then could lead to clarity, better vision, and identifying what caused you arriving at the dead end destination and how could you self-develop so you can live your life again more joyfully. Lets face it, if you have not been able to resolve your issues up until now as chronologically mature man, the chances are that you will highly likely not resolve this on your own anymore and so you have a choice of living as a dead man walking or giving a shot to anger management sessions and trying to sort it out with a support of your therapist.

If you have been affected by this article, and feel your negativity and have noticed you might be concealing your anger and have anger management issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Leona Sears directly by texting your name and availability 07 505 124 933 to enquire about a possible appointment.