woman with angry outbursts

Anger Therapy London is a private practice that offers one-to-one sessions in comfortable and non-judgmental setting that is based in Oxford Circus London W1. Anger Therapy London is part of Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd Established in 2008 and it has been attracting both men and women with anger issues. The majority of clients who self-refer for anger therapy are motivated by saving their relationships with loved ones, friends or work colleagues. Although the majority of clients initially complain of experiencing issues with being unable to control their outbursts of anger which drive their friends and loved ones away, and that they are often being blamed for, we often find that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the anger tends to be a secondary factor, of the bigger problem that is often co-created and maintained by other people involved in the clients’ lives. As such, we strive to uncover collaboratively with the client the composition of their relationships with others, identify a repeated or unique anger-related behaviors and then provide tailor-made strategies to combat destructive modes of anger communication and replace it gradually with a more improved anger communication skills. The change doesn’t usually happen at once but gradually, and therefore commitment to the learning process is necessary.