Can chronic domestic violence lead to murder?

When it comes to domestic violence usually caused by poor communication style, poor conflict resolution skills and anger management issues that can involve emotional and verbal abuse, it can escalate into physical abuse, battering and murder.

What is battered woman’s syndrome?

A prolonged battering in domestic violence can lead to a syndrome called battered woman’s syndrome which is defined as ‘woman’s presumed reactions to pattern of continual physical and psychological abuse inflicted on her by her mate’ (Walker, 1984), Tragically, the ongoing anger management issues and abuse can result in killing during self-defence or insanity (Fulero et al, 2005). In the USA, significant portion of murders by women are related to homicide of abusive partner. Erwing (1999) suggested that female victims who kill are usually older, have fewer coping strategies and are subject to extreme abuse. The definition battered woman’s syndrome was coined in 1970s but it broadened its use to children who killed abusive parents, men who killed their partners, rape victims who killed their attackers and even flatmates (Wrightsman et al, 2005),

What are the symptoms of battered syndrome?

The victims with the battered woman’s syndrome may show different symptoms but some psychologists suggested that there are shared components of the syndrome which include: learnt helplessness, low self-esteem, loss of perception of vulnerability and safety, showing fear and terror, anger and rage, the cycle of abuse that involves the Jekyll-and-Hyde that leads to confusion and self-blaming, hypervigilence to cues of danger and perceptual inconsistency (Wrightsman et al, 2005).

Battered woman’s syndrome can escalate into homicide

When the anger management issues in the context of domestic violence escalate into homicide, Fulero et al, 2005 describes that there are two defences in the USA: the self-defence defence and the insanity defence. Walker (1992) describes that the self-defence must use equal force to address danger and the insanity defence states that the person was unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. Erwing (1990), a psychologist and professor of law states that the majority of the battered women are convicted because they did not kill in the moment that they were battered and proposed a new concept, a psychological defence.

How can Anger Therapy London support you with your anger management issues?

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