Domestic violence and trauma, PTSD

Trauma and stress-related disorders can be linked to domestic violence. Domestic violence that is essentially bullying or unruly anger in any kind of relationship,  is caused either by deliberate or an unconscious clumsy expression of anger that can be of course improved with psychotherapy. On this page, it is explained what happens to your abused partners when he suffers the trauma, it is explained what the trauma and how it works.

Definition of trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder that victims of domestic violence can experience

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders-V (DSM-V, 2013), trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder is classified under stressor-related disorders and formerly classified under the anxiety disorders in the DSM-IV-TR. When someone’s life is threatened by psychological or physical violence, it will lead to indeed a state of high stress or anxiety, that can be either acute or chronic following an exposure to a shocking event. The high anxiety, for instance in response to a spouse that threatens a partner with a knife, is set off as a natural reaction to stress also known as fight or flight. The aim of the fight or flight is to essentially enable the traumatised or terrified person to utilise the produced stress hormones to defeat the agonising situation i.e. fight it off or fly away from it.

What happens to targeted victims physiologically when they cannot defend themselves?

However, not all targets of trauma or a violent psychological or physical attack will be able to successfully utilise the stress hormones that are guiding them to defeat the attacker or furious spouse or the cause of the shocking incident.  Some people in violent relationships could be overpowered by stronger spouses, organised gangs or by corrupted corporations and therefore making it impossible for such traumatised individuals to successfully utilise the stress hormones to resolve the situation. Consequently, the long-term exposure to repeated agonising situation and the body on stress override could lead to dissociation or freezing or chronic hyperarousal, development of negative and rigid traumatic memories and thoughts, aggressive outbursts of anger, nightmares, and development of strong self-protecting mechanisms i.e. avoidance to prevent further re-experience of acquired debilitating symptoms. The posttraumatic stress disorder or the experience of shock is a debilitating anxiety disorder or stressor-related disorder that will negatively impact the life not only of the victim or target of the highly stressful and agonising incident but also the family and friends.

Counselling and support for victims or targets and perpetrators of domestic violence at Anger Therapy London

The effects of domestic violence permeated the body and mind of the victims and perpetrators in the form of the posttraumatic stress disorder and trauma can be successfully treated to a certain degree. The traumatised persons will see a great degree of improvement in their overall functioning however, some traumatised persons may choose to hold on to their traumatic memories, as a way to remember and not to forget who and what to stay away from in the future. There are a number of different therapeutic approaches that will aid posttraumatic stress disorder recovery and that are utilised at Anger Therapy London but there is also law and a police that can serve as an inevitable support system for traumatised persons in the interim should they think this strategy is inevitable.

How to book and cost of sessions?

The sessions cost £80 per hour, discounts are available on prepaid sessions and loyalty cards are also available with gradual cost reduction. If you have been affected by domestic violence and would like to restore a peace whether it be in a marriage, relationship, family or sibling relationships book your session to start rehabilitating after your trauma experience by calling Leona on 07 505 124 933 or emailing her