black and white woman slapping a man

women hitting and slapping a man domestic violence

ANGER THERAPY LONDON  is a concept developed by Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd and it is an integral part of the services and therapy sessions offered at postgraduate doctorate level with over 15 years experiences in health, psychology, and psychotherapy with expert knowledge in expressed or unexpressed anger and bullying and with positive reviews. 

SUITABILITY The anger management sessions are appropriate for men and women who have uncontrollable and devastating outbursts of rage, as well as people who struggle to communicate their anger, as well as victims and perpetrators of bullying and domestic abuse. To find out more what is anger management click here.

AIM AND FREQUENCY OF THE SESSIONS The goal of the anger management sessions will be to look at the clients’ anger towards anyone in their environment, modes of anger, triggers and how to fix them whenever possible, history of the anger, and to gradually learn an improved expression of anger that will not lead to getting in trouble with the law or falling out with people; work colleagues, family members, and members of the public. Victims of domestic violence will also be given solutions to their safety concerns, as well as a safety plan based on current recommendations. The sessions are held once a week and run 60 minutes. A personalised treatment plan is available to meet the needs of each client.

ETHICS No judging, no punishments, mutual respect, autonomy, only collaboration and efforts to work towards feasible solutions. Confidentiality guaranteed.


2023: Intimate Partner Violence: Safety Planning, Overcoming Barriers and Facilitating Healing

2023: Intimate Partner Violence: Identifying, Assessing and Supporting Victims and Survivors

2021: Intimate Partner Violence

2021: ADHD: An Overview of Current Perspectives

2021: Couples Therapy: New Solutions for Old Problems

2021: Intimate Partner Violence

2020: Dyslexia Awareness Course Certificate (many clients at Anger Therapy London present with anger management issues)

2019: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorders Certificate (great therapy for those rigid believes that are accompanied by anger management issues)

2019: Borderline Personality Disorder Certificate

2018: Sexual Issues – Diagnosis and Treatments

2018: Supervision in the Recovery Field: Guiding Clinicians and Psychotherapists Providing Substance Abuse Treatment

2017: FEMALE BATTERERS: Male Victims: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

2017: COUPLES THERAPY: Counterintuitive Approaches to Working More Effectively

2017: ANGER MANAGEMENT: Identifying and treating unhealthy anger

2016: Certificate Programme in Addiction (included sex and cybersex, alcohol, meth, cocaine and gambling)

2013: 440 credits gained from year 1 – 6 Doctorate Practitioner Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy with Thesis Support Experienced in Relation to WORKPLACE BULLYING (thesis about aggression at work and it’s proposed management and prevention and proposals for future research from counselling psychology and psychotherapy point of view)

2012: Hypnosis and NLP

2012: CBT with OCD

2012: CBT with Substance Misuse

2008: Working with Women affected by DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

2006: Professional Therapeutic Training

2005: BSc Psychology

1994: Qualified Psychiatric Nurse

1993: Qualified Pediatric Nurse