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Anger management at Anger Therapy London background

Anger management sessions in Oxford Circus for everyone

The aim of the page is to provide you with essential information on anger management sessions at Anger Therapy London. The anger management sessions at Anger Therapy London are nothing like the sessions portrayed in the film Anger Management with Jack Nicholson but humour in the sessions will be sometimes present. You will highly likely find that the sessions will be enjoyable and helpful and this is based on reviews provided by our former and satisfied clients. The anger management at Anger Therapy London is a result of Leona Sear’s passion for anger and bullying that she researched as part of her doctorate thesis born out of her interest in forensic psychology, that she regrettably did not pursue but that she brings to life in these sessions. The sessions at Anger Therapy London are carried out in a confidential and comfortable setting. Regardless of the history or causes of your outbursts of anger the sessions are carried out professionally and without any judgement. The sessions are carried out with the aim to understand you and support you in learning to control your unruly and damaging outbursts of anger so you can improve the quality and satisfaction of your personal and professional life.

How do the anger management sessions work?

In the first session the therapist, Leona Sears and you will look at for instance what makes you angry, how long have you been angry, how you express your anger, how it impacts your life and your friends, family and loved ones. We will closely examine also your interactions with your significant others to get to the bottom of the outbursts of anger. Outbursts of anger are often co-created in the relationships and therefore we will pay attention to your partner and yours communication style and you will be encouraged to integrate anything you will find useful into your life in order to prevent further outbursts of anger. In the typical anger management session, you will be given at the Anger Therapy London not only in-depth analysis of your life and relationships but also anger management and conflict resolution strategies. You will be encouraged to start transferring and applying to your personal life anything that you found useful in the session. In the follow up sessions, you will be keen to discuss how you managed or struggled with the anger management techniques and new communication styles. As the sessions proceed, you may find that you will acquire more knowledge, your self-awareness will increase, you will become more resolute and better communicator, and you will become more skilled at using the anger management techniques. All this will lead to an improved quality of your life and confidence growth and more positive changes in your life and your friends and family will enjoy the benefits of the new you.

How many sessions will I need and will it work?

The number of sessions required before you see any improvements will depend on a number of different factors and will vary from person to person. There is no obligation with regards to a number of sessions you will need to attend. You are in charge of your life and your autonomy will be always respected and promoted. You will reach your goal and will be ready to end the anger management sessions when you will notice consistent improvements in your life and when you will gain control over your outbursts of anger. The sessions will not be effective if you will conceal an important aspect of your history, that could play key part in the development and maintenance of your continued outbursts of anger.  The sessions will also fail to work if you will take drugs and consume abusive amounts of alcohol in secret. The Anger Therapy London provides support not only with anger issues but it relies on up-to-date counselling techniques used in addressing other emotional, stress, depression, trauma, substance misuse and relationship issues and so should any of the issues accompany your outbursts of anger you can rest assured that you will receive support for these issues as well.

How much does it cost?

The sessions last an hour and cost £80 per hour and there is 20% discount available on prepaid six sessions.

How do I book the anger management session?

You can book your session by calling or texting Leona Sears, the therapist on 07 505 124 933 or by emailing her at info@angertherapylondon.com (please note, Anger Therapy London is part of Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd). Generally speaking, Leona Sears is quicker at responding to text and call enquiries and she aims to respond to all emails within 24-hours. If you want to book your session now for anger management one-to-one or couple therapy please call now 07 505 124 933.