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conflict situations with my partner are much less likely to be explosive’

Feb 2021: MALE AGE RANGE 30 – 40: I self-referred for #anger #management counselling to Anger Therapy London after doing extensive research as I was in a challenging period of my life at that time. Being a difficult, #toxic and #manipulative #relationship with my former partner affected my health, mood, social and work life and I needed to talk to somebody about it. Starting the sessions with Leona Sears was they key to improving all aspects of this and also gaining understanding and insight into what I had been experiencing as I was not fully aware of what I was actually going through. I felt enlightened by the sessions and I gained perspective that helped me to understand what healthy and unhealthy relationship looks like. I was in mentally, physically and verbally abusive relationship with a woman who in the end made false allegations about me to police. I was in lonely and scary place and the sessions helped me realise what had been going on. I felt reassured that it is normal as a man to be experiencing the feelings that I had something that is usually portrayed the other way round i.e. a man abusing a woman. Leona Sears was honest, professional, knowledgeable and that gave me the strength to see the real picture and understand how to behave in the future should similar incidents occur. I also learnt to identify warning signs and indications of unhealthy behaviour and how to react to this. Leona Sears’ empathy and understanding of human nature, behaviour and psychology is incredibly impressive. I cannot recommend Leona Sears at Anger Therapy London enough. Having had therapy before on and off in the past, the care and service Leona Sears provides made me feel more valued and taken care of.  Working with Leona was fantastic and life-changing. Leona Sears helped me work through my trauma and I was given lots of tools to detect and manage high conflict situations in intimate relationships and I was given techniques for how to manage my stress.

Jan 2021: COUPLE AGE RANGE 35 – 45: We self-referred for #anger #management because our #arguments become difficult hard to contain, there was door slamming, name calling and physical restraining that resulted in injuries. We are both bright people and have good jobs but we realised we could not fix the issues on our own. After we tried all youtube videos, self-help books and nothing helped we realised we needed third party to intervention because we knew it was not our ability and we needed someone else to help us. The sessions were to start off with confrontational but it led to reflection needed and helped us understand the ingredients that contributed to what the problem was. At the start there was deterioration, because it was difficult but in the end our relationship is now much better. Yes, it helped us. We understand how and why we trigger each other. We speak more common language that we learnt from our sessions and that helped us a lot. It helped reducing the the heat out of our arguments. We learnt how to avoid escalation. We connect better and we are back to having sex after a long period of having no sex. 

Jan 2021: MALE AGE RANGE 20 – 30: I self-referred for #anger #management #counselling because of the distress I felt following a phone call from police officer. It was a wake-up call for me and I wanted to put myself in order and learn to be careful about what I do. The sessions were really good, I was able to be open, Leona listened, gave me a good advice and good life advice. I learnt a better communication style, I can express myself better and defend myself better.

Nov 30, 2020: MALE AGE RANGE 30 – 40: I have found Anger Therapy London through a recommendation for #anger #management #counselling due to having difficulties finding a service for my circumstances. I was looking to find a service to assist me with my #court #application that could help me #to #gain #access #to #see #my #son.I started my first session with Leona and the experience was very professional. Leona took into account my individual situation, really listened and understood what I was saying. After the session I was advised I should take 12 sessions and that would be sufficient to my circumstance, which seemed good to me compared to other service providers. I kept doing my sessions with Leona and learnt #anger #management knowledge, #techniques and #strategies and found it very interesting and useful for coping with #anger #management.

I felt comfortable doing sessions with Leona. The quality of the sessions was relevant and encouraging to what I needed to accomplish. At the end of the 12th session Leona had written an extensive report which I found was a true account on my circumstances and learning experience.
I would like to thank Leona Sears at Anger Therapy London for her quality and professional services.
SEP 15, 2020: MALE AGE RANGE 35 – 45: I came for anger management because I was lost and I gave up hope on this relationship.  When I started the sessions, I was short-tempered, it reminded me of all the past bad incidents and arguments that happened. I always referred to past incidents. My wife and I had frequent angry flare-ups and that lasted for a year and this made me decide to go for therapy. I took in total 16 sessions each lasting an hour and it helped me. I learnt many techniques and I read many good recommended articles and had fantastic results. There was lots of important improvement. The improvement is not 100% but 80% improvement and I still have to work on the techniques. The sessions helped us in saving this marriage and to control my anger, to be mindful and improve when I am communicating. Now I have a happy life compared to before when I started.

SEP 9, 2020: FEMALE AGE RANGE 25 – 35: I enjoyed the initial chat to Leona. She appeared friendly, warm and understanding and cared more than other therapists, who made me feel like another number. I came Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd, Anger Therapy London because of work stress. The sessions were good and helpful and most of the time when we finished I felt more positive. The sessions helped me, it was like talking to a friend. I am not sure where I would have been with Leona’s help.

SEP 6, 2020: MALE AGE RANGE 25 – 35: I needed anger management sessions because of frequent arguments which resulted in severe flare-ups of my anger and that made me upset. The service at Anger Therapy London made me feel relaxed quickly, my sessions were eight skype sessions not sure how it feels face-to-face. My goal was to understand why I get angry and be able to deal with it better, my partner and I argue less so I achieved those things.

JUL 28, 2020: MALE AGE RANGE 35 – 45 I came for anger management counselling to control my verbal angry outbursts and I came to Leona on advice of my barrister. My goal was to control my temper without any problem. I completed twelve hours or sessions and I enjoyed every session, every handout and because of the sessions I reflected on the past and it helped me to share with a court the abuse I encountered and it positively affected my case. There is a massive change, I had no arguments in the twelve weeks that I took the sessions, this  was a life changing course and I will be encouraging everyone to take it.

JUL 20, 2020: COUPLE MALE FEMALE AGE RANGE 25 – 35 COUPLES ANGER MANAGEMENT COUNSELLING We referred for anger management counselling because we always argued, weekly and it was the final straw. We both felt listened to, it was a fair process, there are always two sides to something and we both contributed to the situation. Leona was impartial and that made us both feel safe and we could both contribute. We had eight sessions and we made loads of progress. We understand different techniques, we make more effort and we now have no arguments or irregular and resolve them better.

JUL 2020: MALE CLIENT AGE RANGE 30 – 40 anger management I referred for anger management counselling to gain communication skills, to learn how not to take everything personally, how to react in the right manner and to manage my angry outbursts. Leona made me feel comfortable. She understands, listens to you and encourages you to be better. I have learnt techniques from handouts she gave me that help me in difficult situations. I am more aware of my assumptions and bias that helps me to communicate better.

JUL 2020: MALE FEMALE COUPLE THERAPY age range 55 – 65 anger management, domestic violence, a 10 year abstention from sexual activity, we came for couple therapy anger management to Leona at Anger Therapy London because our marriage was falling apart. We had no sex for ten years, we argued almost every night, we lacked communication skills, we called each other names and my wife would hit me. We have been enjoying working with Leona. She takes interest in us, she is very good, we highly recommend her. We saw other therapists before Leona and they were no good. Leona shows more interest and she wants to help us. Leona is one of the best, she puts more work into it. Our therapists before just wanted to run through the session, because they had other clients waiting in the waiting room. We started seeing Leona a few months before the covid lockdown and there is a big difference between the face-to-face session and Skype and WhatsApp. Leona is still the same on the video but we both think it would be nice to see Leona again. The sessions so far helped us a lot. We no longer argue or fight and it is not as aggressive, no hitting or fight. We rarely argue now. As for the sex, we are now gradually working towards the sex and restoring our intimate life. We can also have a bit of laugh now when we come home from work instead of fighting nightly like before.

JAN 2020: MALE age range 35 – 40 anger management following a court order for child contact, review left on my google business page, to view the review please click the following link

DEC 2019: MALE age range 30 – 40 I came for anger management because I wanted to deal with issues I had no control over and find help to make me better understand to manage this. This service exceeded my expectations on both advice and helping me to understand the tings of my situation better, and provided me with tools to understand and correct this. I previously saw another psychologist and felt that I was listened to but not understood. Again, Leona has exceeded my expectations, five minutes of call arranging appointment with Leona provided me with more help and advice than two previously booked sessions with the other therapist. I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt to understand things I should have known about myself and Leona was very quick to point this out and help me correct this.

DEC 2019: FEMALE age range 35 – 45 I came for anger management because I wanted to control my anger management issues. The sessions were good and I learnt tools that I can use for any kind of situation. Working with Leona Sears at Anger Therapy London was a good atmosphere, I was able to have a good conversation, I felt safe, I could cry, I could smile and I was able to express all my feelings here. I wanted to speak to someone but everyone knows my situation and I cannot to speak about it just to anyone. Leona Sears is expert, I was able to speak to her about anything, I was able express what I was feeling without any pressure, no stress. Leona Sears was professional and I learnt specific tools for anger management issues and the sessions were accepted by court and assisted in solving custodial arrangements. 

OCT 2019: FEMALE age range 35  -40 I started seeing Leona immediately after I separated from my husband. He cheated on me very early on in our short marriage, several times and when I found out I was heartbroken, absolutely devastated. He originally blamed me for not paying him enough attention. I tried to make the marriage work, but it was over for me. I was blaming myself for his infidelity and thinking that I was a bad wife. Over a two year period Leona has helped me to see that none of this was my fault. She also helped me understand that I didn’t have to forgive him for his inexcusable actions. As soon as that happened there was a massive change in me; I started getting my confidence back and now I know what I want in my next relationship. I have a very different outlook in life because of Leona. I always looked forward to my sessions with her, regardless of how often they were.

Leona, you have been amazing! You’ve given me the ability to recognise both the positives and negatives in all relationships and not to keep quiet. Keep doing what you’re doing.

AUG 2019: MALE age range 35 – 45 I came for anger management because I needed help to understand why I acted the way I acted. I shouted at my wife, I was feeling angry and I did not have a reason and I did not know how to control it. Leona was great. She understood quickly and had solutions which I found helpful. I found helpful being able to talk about my relationship with my wife and how to deal with my anger, but also other personal issues with wife and I had no previously tools how to deal with it. I have seen progress in that that I have not shouted at anyone recently. I am confident I can now manage my aggression, I understand where it comes from.

AUG 2019: MALE age range 65 – 75 please click the following link to read  the full review from a client who came for anger management following GBH during argument and involvement of police:

AUG 2019: FEMALE age range 35 – 45 I came for anger management because of allegations of domestic violence I needed help to control my anger and skills to manage it. Leona is open-minded and she made me feel comfortable and she listened patiently to me. I found the sessions useful and learnt anger management skills that I was able to use when I felt insulted by my ex-partner.

JUL 2019: MALE age ranger 25 – 35 I came to see Leona because of my anger management issues incident with my girlfriend and she issued me with ultimatum. Working with Leona was relaxing, she is good at getting things out of people and she identified my triggers. I applied the techniques she provided me with whenever I recognised the anger is mounting that enabled me to diffuse the situation whereas previously I just left it to build up.

FEB 27, 2019: MALE age range 25 – 35 I came for anger management to Anger Therapy London because I was having difficult time in my relationship. I did not know how to get through this problem. I searched on Google and Anger Therapy London was the first that came up on Google and so I just called. The first time Leona picked up the phone, is what made me come to Anger Therapy London. It was the way she asked: ‘What is going on?’, ‘What is wrong?’. I also needed these anger management sessions because I was harsh when I talked to my partner and I expected the situation to be sorted immediately. Leona that carried out the sessions was helpful, she guided me through things that I was doing wrong. She was gentle, understanding, patient and very good at explaining things to me. Now that I finished the anger management sessions I feel calmer, friends are noticing that something is different with me, my girlfriend and her son told me that I am calmer now, I have changed in how I express my anger and I know now mostly when to stop.

FEB 9, 2019: MALE/ FEMALE age range 45 – 55 We came for anger management because we felt frustrated and at our wits’ end. We were unhappy, angry family and had bad communication. Leona was open and honest communicator, she did not tell us what we wanted to hear, she was non-judgemental, truthful about the situation and the dialogue was two-way. Now that we reached the end of our sessions, we feel much more relaxed family, we are more able to communicate, we are less angry, able to apply ourselves much better. The tools and techniques for the anger management were highly effective.

FEB 5, 2019: MALE age range 35 – 45 I wanted to see somebody who was anger management specific, so there would be no questions about credibility of what counselling I received. Working with Leona at Anger Therapy London was extremely positive, she has a good balance of empathy and knowledge, which allows her to put herself in client’s shoes whilst also giving valuable skills. If anyone needs this type of counselling, I would definitely referred them Anger Therapy London. I learnt anger management skills, that too little anger can be as much of a problem as too much, and how applying some things I am using at work can be appropriate at home too.

FEB 2019: MALE age range 10 – 20 My mother made me come for anger management because had many problems between us and it kicked off by me having a bad grades. It was unhappy at home and at school, skipping lessons, I was not doing anything at home and I was very unhappy. Doing the anger management with Leona was very constructive, necessary, I built up confidence and I worked my way up. At the end of the anger management course, we have now at home much better ambience, everyone is able to communicate better, everything is more joyous, I can focus on my school again and everything has become better. There isn’t much anger or tension in the house anymore.

JAN 2019: MALE age range 35 – 45 Before I came for anger management, I was getting angry without understanding the reason why I was getting angry with my wife. Leona listens, understands, she gave me advice based on her good experience, helped me become more aware of my anger issues and up-skilled my with tools to use to manage my anger and conflicts. Within 8 sessions I changed myself, I have more self-awareness, the improvement has been dramatic over 8 sessions and I feel more at ease in situations when conflict arises and I can now handle it with confidence.

DEC 2018: MALE age range 25 – 35 I came for anger management because I have been anger issues, angry outbursts for the last year and I could not control them anymore and it was not helping me and the people I care about. The sessions with Leona at Anger Therapy London were helpful, clear, tangible and assignments I could try instead of a vague advice. The sessions definitely helped me, it reduced frequency and severity of outbursts. It was part of the package I had to implement some work.

DEC 2018: FEMALE age range 25 – 35 I found Leona on Google because of my parents with anger management issues as I realised I was not able to think properly in professional and personal life mainly because of my aggressive parents. I second-guessed everything. I doubted myself big time. I realised I got to the point in my life I could not cope anymore alone. I was paralysed, I froze and started crying every-time I had conversation with my parents and had a visit from them. At times the sessions were difficult because Leona asked me difficult questions about childhood but I realised that what she was doing was to help me acknowledge these feelings and overcome them and from there she helped me through CBT to be the person I should have been and I wanted to be i.e open-mind person, independent, kind and compassionate. After a few sessions and being provided with conflict resolution skills, I don’t have physical negative reactions when I speak to my parents. The words of abuse don’t affect me anymore. I have been able to set boundaries with them so they don’t speak to me in disrespectful  way. I no longer second-guess myself in my personal life.

AUG 2018: FEMALE age range 25 – 35 I came for anger management because of deep anger issues that I never worked through and had not been able to deal with. My marriage was on the line, my husband said something has to change and I saw within myself too how angry I was. I was always crying and angry all the time. It was really good to talk with Leona. I felt relieved, questions made me think about things and help me process stuff, my reactions, how my husband reacted, it was relieving every time I came here. Leona made me also think at things differently and how I could handle situations better. The anger management assignments made me see what causes my outbursts of anger and gave me knowledge I did not have before and to be aware of certain triggers before an outburst can come out. The techniques taught me how to handle conflict, how to be more assertive instead of blaming. My husband sees a huge difference after eight sessions. Our conflict has been so much better and we have been able to work out our arguments within an hour and its solved quickly more. He said to his friend that I am completely different. Before it was horrible, nightmare and now my husband is willing, if needed to pay for more sessions.

AUG 2018: FEMALE age range 35 – 45 I came for anger management because of uncontrollable rage, hot flashes, constantly lashing out at people that I love, so the aim was to improve my relationship and how to deal with people. Leona has been very organised, it has been very pleasant, focused on my needs and the role plays were extremely helpful. Since I came to see Leona, my boyfriend noticed that I am calmer and tend to not go into a rage. I definitely feel I can communicate better with people. You really helped me think about how I can improve my life going forward.

JUL 2018: MALE, age range 25 – 35 Thank you Leona for the time and advice you have given to me. I came to you with a lot of anger and I was recommended to see you. After my first session with you, I felt that I was more confident in my way of speaking to people that angered me instead of having to raise my voice or get angry over nonsensical reasons and after a few more sessions I learnt anger management techniques to deal with my anger and that taught me to be able to let things go more easily.

JUN 2018: MALE, age range 55 – 65 I came for anger management because of issues with my wife. I came without recommendation and I read the website content and felt this practice can be trusted. The sessions were good. It taught me some life skills and including life skills for people management. Yes, without a doubt I made an improvement. My ways of managing things enabled me to control my anger.

MAY 2018: MALE, age range 25 – 35 anger management I came for anger classes because of court order and assumed domestic violence. It was easy to speak to Leona. I found her to be open and honest. I did not feel judged and she was helpful. I learnt quiet a bit. I learnt to think about how others may feel. I look at it from their point of view of what I was saying. I was not aware of this before.

JAN 2018: MALE, age range 35 – 45 anger management I referred for anger management because of a one-off incident at work, which led to suspension at work and a non-deliberate injury of a staff member. I realised there was a problem and I had to address it. One-to-one sessions with Leona were focused, informative and thorough. I had my sessions in a short space of time but I definitely acquired tools that I will use for the rest of my life. I see their merits, usefulness and they are definitely helping me.

JUL 2017: MALE, age range 45 – 55 anger management, court order, indirect children I came for anger management because my solicitor wanted me to do it,  so we could put in application for indirect contact for my children whom I was not able to see because of false allegations made against me by me ex-wife. Working with Leona was interesting and I acquired  a lot in terms of anger management and how to manage it.

JUN 2017: MALE, age range 45 – 55 anger management, acrimonious divorce and post-divorce proceedings, a child-custody determination I have many problems encountered by court since relationship breakdown and separation. I tried in vain to get help for final step of four ordered by court. I went to google and found Anger Therapy London, Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd and to date at this time I am glad I chose Leona. Leona is so understanding, precise in her academic approach, very positive, easy to talk to, makes one open up easy. I found the sessions very helpful plus my family best mates have seen a difference in my way of dealing with the ongoing struggle to see my daughter and anything else that has or is in my way of tasks to conquer. I was given a program to understand how to deal with facing the problem that I have encountered, very precise has helped a lot. I have been able to deal more efficiently with anything thrown at me during this cycle in life to anyone who requires the best of the best one-to-one intermediate professional help. I suggest Leona is the the one lady to see.

MAY 2017: MALE, age range 55 – 65 anger management, conflict in couple, court order: Before I saw Leona, I was looking for anger management course and I had no idea what it involved. Leona is the best in anger management support. She taught me how to manage my anger in relation to domestic issues and with other people as well. She taught me good techniques how I can control myself, which is useful. I am now more aware of my anger causes and how I can prevent this and I will have to apply it to my life.

MALE, age range 35 – 45 outbursts of anger, ongoing conflict in a couple Felt an urgent need for new ways of dealing with this problem.  Generally very reassuring, and also quite hard work at times as I started seeing many things in a new light, while I also re-claimed some views and positions that the ongoing conflict had previously left me confused about. I was optimistic from the start, but the sessions have been even more helpful than expected, and I have made great progress in many aspects. Conflict situations with my partner are much less likely to be explosive, for example. I have found some improvement in business-based communication and I feel that I have also regained some of my former confidence. A lot of hard work remains to be done, but I feel confident that I can do it and that I have excellent help.

MALE, age range 35 – 45 workplace bullying and anger My issues related to workplace bullying and I searched online and thought Leona was best suited to help me with this issue. It was sometimes challenging, other times fun. She seeks for you to come to your own conclusion and always has a good handle on the sessions and what e covered and where we are heading. Yes, I made somewhat progress, I am still upset about the situation that I was involved in and it is going to take longer that what I thought to heal. That said, I have changed, I am now more aware of what I want to seek and I am less afraid to go after it.

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