FAQ Anger Management

What is Anger Therapy London and how will I obtain anger management skills?

Anger Therapy London is a private practice in the heart of London offering anger management one-to-one  and sessions for couples, angry men and women and because each client presents to some degree a unique issue, a personalized treatment plan will be created for each and every client.

When I self-refer for anger therapy, will you help me only with anger or will you address other issues that I might have?

The majority of clients refer to Anger Therapy London for anger management but since anger is often a secondary issue, the focus of the sessions is to also resolve the primary issue to prevent further damage caused by violent outbursts of anger.

Is this service strictly confidential?

Yes, Anger Therapy London is a private practice, there is no secretary and no electronic records are kept and the service guarantees absolute confidentiality and a safe comfortable environment in which you can acquire excellent anger management skills.

Will you judge me because of my past outbursts of anger?

Many women and men have been receiving anger management at Anger Therapy London. On the assessment, people commonly describe issues with their anger that varies from verbal to physical violence using force and threats against their partners with knives , strangulation, throwing objects at their partners, beating up their partners leaving them bruised, breaking furniture, accidentally hitting their partners and regardless of the impact of the outbursts of anger, Anger Therapy London is not interested in judging clients but instead in supporting them and assisting them in learning to master the control over their disordered anger through an acquisition of appropriate anger management skills.

Will you separate the abused person or the victim from the abuser?

Never. It is always up to the clients to do what they want to do and it is never up to the therapist. The client will be the one living with the end result never the therapist. The goal of the Anger Therapy London is to respect clients’ unique needs and to empower both the victim and the abuser with anger management and conflict resolution skills and to assist them in restoring the peace, positive ambience, and love in their relationships.

I am a victim of domestic violence, will you help me run away from my abusive partner and offer refuge?

No. Anger Therapy London does not assist victims of domestic violence to run away from their partners or does not provide any refuge to them. Anger Therapy London strives to provide counseling, equip both the victim and the perpetrator with anger management and conflict resolution skills, and restore peace in the relationship. One organization that provides refuge to women of domestic violence is Women’s Trust, which is not part of Anger Therapy London. If you need a refuge please call Women’s Trust. If you need help to resolve ongoing conflict at home, work, school, university, friendships call Anger Therapy London.

When would be a good time to self-refer for anger management session?

If you or your partner, another family member or friend are repeatedly in a conflict and argue often, are struggling with outbursts of anger, feeling often hurt, disappointed, finding yourself often upset, sulking, vindictive, resentful, unhappy and confused but do not want to leave your partner or cannot leave, I would recommend that you self-refer for anger management as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your relationship. I have seen and heard too many clients contacting me when it was too late and when they had already decided to end the relationship, which I always think could have been saved had they contacted me earlier but many clients also come soon enough and save their relationships. As a warning sign, I would suggest that you should never underestimate repeated conflicts and unhappiness, because they are damaging and because issues should be always discussed and resolved via dialogues. If you have reached a point of repeated conflicts and unhappiness, and your partner and you are not able to discuss or resolve issues via dialogues you are the best candidates for anger management. Do not wait until the situation further escalates which could destroy not only your relationship but also your self-esteem and so self-refer for anger management now.

How often do I need to attend the session?

Normally, clients attend weekly 60 minutes session. If you wish it is possible to have more than one or more anger management sessions per week.

How many sessions will I need?

It varies from client to client. Long-term or chronic outbursts of anger may require three months of weekly work which would be about twelve sessions and temporary or sudden outbursts of anger might require only six sessions. Some clients with complex trauma history, substance misuse might need six months, which equals to twenty-four 60 minutes anger management sessions.

 Will I see any improvements?

Clients who come for anger management never deteriorate, they better themselves and those who quit too early without addressing the issue and adopting confidently anger management skills will likely relapse and will have to resume and finish the sessions later.

When will the anger management sessions fail to work?

The anger management sessions will not work in the following cases:

  • you quit too early before seeing any real and long-term improvement
  • you have unrealistic expectations, you are impatient and demand to see improvements too quickly in contrast to the number of years it took you accumulate and cultivate all your issues that maintain your anger issues
  • you arrive for the sessions intoxicated and have substance misuse issues
  • you conceal the truth and present in the sessions secondary issues, for fear of being judged or feeling ashamed that takes the focus from the work on the real issues and therefore a lack of progress
  • you grew apart from your partner, you no longer want the same things, you don’t want to be with your partner but you agree to attend the anger management sessions, you don’t engage with the sessions and then use the lack of progress as an evidence that the issues are unsolvable and justifying 
  • you think that you have no issue, you don’t need to change and everyone else is to blame, you just took the sessions to please your partner or to get a letter or proof that you attended the sessions

Do you write articles on anger management?

Yes, I do. If you go to home page and scroll down, I publish the most recent articles on the home page.

What skills do you have to help me with anger management?

I have over eleven years clinical experience in the private practice. I am a formerly qualified psychiatric and pediatric nurse. I have a diploma BSc Psychology and read for doctorate practitioner in counseling psychology and psychotherapy between 2006 – 2013 where I completed the degree and doctorate thesis on bullying. The thesis on bullying is a subject that explores support systems with regards to workplace bullying or aggression and this is where my interest in aggression and anger management stems from. Bullying is typically not taught on doctorate or undergraduate courses in psychology and as such my doctorate thesis and proposal for how this could contribute to psychotherapy work with aggression is a positive and unique contribution to Anger Therapy London and to its clients. I withdrew my doctorate thesis in the end and decided to drop out of the doctorate course because of administrative delays and issues on that course that undermined my trust in that organization and university but this situation is pending and it will be resolved. I continue with professional development and I am regularly undertaking psychology and psychotherapy courses to assure that my clients receive good service based on up-to-date research in psychology and psychotherapy. The continue professional development courses included Female Batterers and Male Victims, The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, Anger Management Identifying and Treating Unhealthy Anger, Certificate in Sexual Issues, Diagnoses and Treatment; Couples Therapy, Addiction, Supervision and CBT courses for generic mental health issues. The certificates, university transcripts, and diplomas are available on request for you to see and an up-to-date curriculum vitae can be viewed here clicking this link.

Are you a member of psychological society and have you been screened for a criminal record?

I am a member of one of the European Psychological Society and I have an up-to-date enhanced criminal record which is clean.

Can you write me a letter of proof that I attended the sessions?

The letter of proof will be provided upon request.