Online dating romance scamsLoneliness, desperation, and bad dating abilities might lead to us falling victim to romance scammers or fraudsters and squandering our entire life savings and developing anger management issues. Unsurprisingly, this might leave you feeling furious and with anger management issues, as well as emotions of shame and humiliation. According to recent data, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) received 8,036 reports of romantic fraud in the previous fiscal year, totalling almost £92 million lost. According to fresh data, the average loss per victim is £11,500.

When I turned 40 and my relationship ended, I imagined that the most difficult part would be getting over losing what I thought was the love of my life. I had no idea there would be much more difficult obstacles to overcome. In order to meet someone, I had to succumb to a new dating trend of online dating. It didn’t take long before I found myself in shark-infested waters full of married men, men in relationships, men who just wanted to exploit me for sex, and romance scammers. I may not have found the love of my life yet but I am still sane, standing, and happy. I haven’t developed any anger management issues or hatred towards the opposite sex because no one had the chance to exploit me yet and so my life is good and enjoyable, and that is good enough for me. It was probably my interest in criminal psychology and my pragmatic mind that contributed to my ability to protect myself well. This saved me from falling victim to romance scams and there were ample opportunities I quickly discovered. It irritates me to see how many victims have been exploited by these savages who have succeeded. It occurred to me that I should share my basic online dating skills with everyone out there to help people save time and money on romance scammers.

Now let us get down to business. Let me now share with you four simple dating tips that you can start using right away to filter out the savages and romance scammers on online dating, saving you time, energy, and the risk of developing anger management issues or depression as a result of someone who preyed on you.
online romance scams

1) Don’t put your faith in verified accounts
Verified accounts are typically marked with a blue tick, indicating that the online dating service has confirmed that the person you are speaking with is genuine. This is incorrect. When I spoke to a verified profile, I discovered that the man in the photographs was not the man I eventually insisted on speaking to on the video call.
2) Always verify the person on a videocall
After a few texts, ask your date if you can speak on video to see how you get along. You’d be surprised how many people who appeared to be interested will suddenly change their minds about this. This is because they are most likely scammers and are not the people they advertise on their profiles. Their photos may be over ten years old, making them look completely different; or they are married, most likely with a wife or husband in the background, making video calling impossible. A genuine individual with nothing to hide and eager to date will agree to a video call.
3) Pay a visit to your date’s home
After a video call, try to schedule a few dates outside and, if everything goes well and you feel safe, plan to visit each other’s homes. Again, you’d be surprised how many people will by this point make a U-turn because they are probably sharing their house with their partner or live in a shared flat because they can’t organise their finances.
4) The connection is not based on money
Whilst looking for love and treating your date to a drink or dinner is nice, a large sum of money should never be mentioned in a romantic conversation. Pay attention to what he or she says; if they talk a lot about money, you can bet they have money problems or are gold diggers who want to use you as an ATM machine; if they can’t, they’ll have soon or later anger management issues with angry outbursts demanding that you give in to their I want my money tantrums. Life is difficult, and if you want to embark on the journey of love with someone, find someone who is responsible, has a job, pays taxes, has savings, and so on. You can’t buy love, but you can enjoy it more if you date someone who is grounded and has their finances in order. Having one’s finances in order does not imply asking others, including you, to wire a large sum of money into their account. More on true love and connection in other articles and for the time being, concentrate on the four dating tips to weed out romance scammers and avoid developing anger management issues as a result of someone draining your bank account.