a fed up woman with highly aggressive outbursts of anger at home

When it comes to domestic violence you think you have heard it all by now. Violence in the home context, let it be physical, emotional, psychological, or financial committed by men or women has elements which are illegal. More specifically, we also know that domestic violence manifests itself for example in insults, control, threats, manipulation, physical attacks and this may gradually lead to traumatic symptoms, disintegration, a loss of confidence and decline in overall well-being. I dread to think, in some cases when the conflict escalates, your partner’s or your life could be in danger, As with bullying, which I have discussed elsewhere on this website, the research shows that it the violence is of a repeated nature. It involves two people or more who might or might not love each other, but who are most importantly clueless at how to resolve the ongoing and unmanageable domestic violence. Whether the aggression used is a deliberate method to disarm, weaken and make the victim afraid and then submit to the perpetrator, or whether it is just simply unconscious, clumsy and learned aggressive relational style, both are equally damaging for all parties involved and on many levels. Yet this openly expressed an abusive and destructive type of aggression that is mismanaged does provide the perpetrator and the victim with some kind of control. In other words, what emerges, what we can see, we can choose to address or somehow resolve. However, what is the most troublesome, unpredictable in this unsolved and gradually crippling ongoing domestic violence situation, is what we don’t see, what we could not have predicted, what we did not prepare for and what might one day sweep us away like a tsunami and the damage caused will be unrecoverable. It will be too late. I have used here tsunami as a metaphorical representation to describe anger’s biggest enemy, the feeling of being fed up, for it comes slowly, suddenly and violently and there is no way that anyone or anything will stop this because the violent force with which it comes is unstoppable. What is more, it is so violent that even the abused wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend will be so overpowered by having reached the peak of being fed up that they will be willing to suddenly run and leave everything behind including their innocent children. So if you have any concerns regarding your disordered anger that is making your partner, family or friends unhappy and if you would like to receive a support to improve your communication skills and master your anger management whether you are the abusive partner or abused victim and want to prevent any further damage and restore satisfaction and happiness within your family, call me / text me to book an appointment. The one-to-one sessions for domestic violence anger therapy are £80 per hour, I also do couple therapy, group classes anger management at the Jesus Centre which are £30 for 1,5 hours, for more information click on the services and to book or enquire about a possible appointment call Leona Sears directly on m. 07 505 124 933, privacy guaranteed.