Anger management is a counselling method with specific goal, therapist’s interest and former training in anger management.

Anger management is a method or counselling to learn to control and understand better an anger that is damaging in your personal, public or professional life. It is a peace restorative method that will help you develop a better interpersonal communication skills that you can apply to any domains of your life. It is an in-depth personal and collaborative assessment of your, your partner or colleagues’ communication style to understand the issues and triggers that need to be managed and prevented. It is also an intervention which is not superficial and at least in the context of Anger Therapy London. In the sessions, we will collaboratively assess the causes of your anger issues, this will lead to you developing an increased self-awareness, confidence and improved communication styles. Some anger issues can be maintained through automatic processes or unconscious processes. The unconscious and automatic processes will be highlighted in the one-to-one sessions and will also lead to consequent management of your anger issues. Your therapist should have a former training in anger management and in-depth understanding of aggression. Please note, not all therapist are trained and willing to work with anger or aggression and so it is important that you find one that does. It is not unusual for clients who self-refer for anger management to present with a number of different issues (alcohol, drugs, depression, past trauma, stress) that can maintain the anger issues and that will be in parallel addressed and resolved during the sessions and again your therapist should have former training to be able to work with these areas. It goes without saying that you will be provided with anger management and conflict resolution techniques and you will be expected to know them off by heart. The good news is that they are fun, simple and easy.


The anger management issues can exist in any context and in absolutely any dynamics. It can happen in the following contexts:

  • home context between couples or siblings also referred to as domestic violence
  • university, school or work context that is referred to as bullying
  • public context


People with poor anger management skills or bullying can happen at home, school, university or work.

Generally speaking and according to relevant literature, people have poor conflict, bullying and anger management skills. I advise that should you notice any kind of high aggression in any of the above contexts that is not a one-off incident but a repeated issue, try to contact me for support so we can resolve it. I have former training in counselling, anger management and wrote doctorate thesis on aggression in the work context, I had many clients over the years with anger issues and I have experiences to share to help you prevent further damage and to restore the love and peace in your relationships.




If you want to get anger management session, call or text us directly.

People who come to Anger Therapy London for anger management support come through a number of different referral routes. There is no assessment or test to determine if you can have the anger management sessions. Everyone is welcome and I will not reject anyone which happened to one of my clients with another service. You are in charge of your own life and you can decide without any prior referrals whether this is something you want to do or not. Some people come voluntarily, because they have been noticing that their damaging expression of anger has been sabotaging their lives on many levels. Some clients self-refer because it was suggested by their partners, they might feel terrified but it is highly likely that you will feel relieved, smiling at the end of your first session, as majority of my clients do when they reach out to me for support. I work in a friendly and non-judgemental manner, because I understand that people who reach out to me for support are not evil and deliberately abusive but rather lost and I am happy to help them and share with them my life and professional experiences. In some cases clients come as a result of a court order. What type of referral route my clients come to me through will have no effect on how I will treat them. I treat all my clients equally, and I work hard and to the best of my ability to support them as much as I can. If you would like to book a session with me for anger management for domestic violence or aggression in work, school or university context, please do not hesitate to call and text me with your name saying that you would like an appointment on 07 505 124 933.